Our Two Pronged Business Strategy

Research and development of water treatment technologies, focusing on the treatment of acid mine drainage, potable water and both industrial and domestic waste water

Consulting to industries and mines on the supply, treatment and reuse of waste water and optimisation of their treatment processes

Our Goal

With a passion for research and innovation in the water treatment sector, our goal is to develop innovative and sustainable technologies for our clients that can effectively treat water to the required quality, have a low or positive environmental impact by minimizing wastes produced, and are suitable for use within the South African context. Through continuous improvement by monitoring, data analysis and quality control, we guarantee our clients remain competitive in the market and reflect the changing needs of the water sector.

VitaOne8 can offer assistance with respect to the assessment, optimization and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment plants, training of operators and assistance to achieve blue drop and green drop status. We can design, build, implement and operate water treatment plants.